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This Australian Tattoo Directory is independently owned and managed by Earth Digital Pty Ltd.

This directory and website has no affiliations or commercial arrangement with any other body.

This directory is not endorsed or supported by any other institution, nor does this directory aim to seek association with any other organisation or business.

We aim to maintain our independence as a way to help small and medium businesses be more easily found in local search results across Australia.

How it works

When you make payment and submit your membership request, your application is solely considered on these grounds.

  • 1 – Is your business Australian based and substantially Australian content?
  • 2 – Does your business service or product substantially relate to the identified niche (pet) of this directory?

If your application meets these criteria, you can expect to be approved and added to the directory.

Upon making payment and being approved for membership, a listing will be created for your business.

Part of this process is lifting your logo from your website and adding it to the listing.

Yes, you get Dofollow Links!

When you make payment for a link in this business directory, the link is designated dofollow.

A “dofollow link” is used to describe a link that passes “linkjuice” authority as opposed to one that doesn’t.

This is especially important for you as a business owner who wants to gain pagerank benefits from being included in this directory.

Beware of other directories which do not offer this feature. A dofollow link is significantly more valuable than a nofollow link.

Lifetime Permanent

Yes, your membership is lifetime permanent. This means your listing will remain live and active indefinitely.

Your listing will not be removed or edited to lessen it’s impact in any way for the life of this Business Directory.

Whilst membership is currently lifetime permanent, we reserve the right to limit the number of lifetime permanent memberships. At some stage in the future this directory may adopt a subscription based model.

Australian Hosting

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Feedback and Questions

This directory is owned and managed by Earth Digital Pty Ltd. If you have any questions or feedback we welcome your input at info@earthdigital.com.au

Please feel free to use messenger to get in contact for a prompt reply.