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Why Join a Pet Directory in 2019

Joining a Pet Directory is a great way to get exposure for your Australian Pet Business. Joining a small, local and relevant directory can be really beneficial for searchers and customers alike - helping them get answers and products. A directory helps put similar businesses side by side so the customer can make an informed choice.

Why do Directories ask for original descriptions of your business?

In 2019, Directories ask that you offer an original description of your business. Asking for an original business description means you do not simply cut and paste the first few lines of your about us page. Instead, directories prefer original, unique content written specifically for the directory. This way, your entry stands alone as a valuable and additional source of review of your business. In the past, the cut and paste method meant that directories were all so similar as to be virtually indistinguishable. In 2019, specific, highly targeted and unique directories are proving valuable in search for consumers and businesses alike.

Are Paid Directories better than free directories?

In a word - yes. Free directories may sound attractive, but the logistics of free directory submission means that the sheer volume of entries makes managing the directory very time consuming. Hence, Free suddenly becomes very time-consuming and either very slow to add new entries - if at all. Paid directories, on the other hand, tend to be more actively managed as they are run like a business - think of the yellow pages etc. When you make a payment the manager adds your submission promptly. Paid directories are also more likely to be actively promoting the directory - through organic and paid methods - and this too is good for your listing being found by potential clients and customers.