Guest Posts Welcome!

At Australian.Pet we are happy to share our platform with interesting and original articles written by our readers.  As Australian Pet Blog, we encourage you to share your experience so others may learn and become better pet owners.  You’re welcome to share you Australian Pet experiences, your Australian Pet reviews, and even your Australian Pet business reviews.

Guest Posts Welcome!

Please, keep in mind these three simple steps.

  • 500 words original, previously unpublished writing on the topic of Australian Pets – and we are pretty flexible and accepting of creative interpretations of this.  Go nuts!
  • Yes, we will publish a dofollow backlink to your business website or blog in your article.  Also, you will have the opportunity to add social media profiles to your author bio.
  • Please submit your writing to Bren {at] and once approved, we will accept your payment of $95 review fee and publish your story on this Australian Pet blog.

Thank you for choosing to contribute to this Australian Pet Blog and we look forward to offering a diverse and interesting range of hand-picked articles from Australian Pet lovers like you on a regular basis.


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